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Following is the list of all abbreviations and acronyms used in the document

Loan-Agent (LA)A more inclusive term that encompasses both Borrower Agent (BA) and Lender Service Provider (LSP), spanning across the existing DLG model referred to as LSP and the emerging model in which BA operates as the borrower agent. See also BA / LSP.
Digital Lending Guidelines (DLG)Guidelines for Digital Lending set forth by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
Borrower agent (BA)Agent of the borrower who will help the Borrower to pick up the best loan option. The Borrowers agent will charge the Borrower a fee for helping them select the best loan.
Loan Service Provider (LSP)Term as defined within the Digital Lending guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
Direct Selling Agent (DSA)A representative of the lender who serves as a sales agent operating on behalf of the lender.
Account Aggregator (AA)An Account Aggregator (AA) is an entity regulated by the RBI, possessing an NBFC-AA license, that facilitates individuals in securely and digitally retrieving and sharing account information with Financial Institutions.
Derived Data Partner (DDP)A derived data provider is a collaborating partner within the network that furnishes supplementary data to the Lender, aiding in enhancing their underwriting engine with additional information.
Collections Partner (CP)A Collections Partner is a network-affiliated collaborator designated by the Loan Agent (LA) to aid in the collection process. The lender retains the option to either opt for the Collections Partner or continue using their existing collection procedures.
Disbursement Partner (DP)A Disbursement Partner (DP) is responsible for supporting Purpose Controlled products. This partner will establish integration with suppliers, retrieve their catalog, and facilitate seamless direct payments to suppliers within the OCEN journey.
KYC PartnerA KYC partner is a collaborator selected by the Loan Agent (LA). This partner can be engaged for Assisted KYC or any technology-related specialization available on the network. The lender retains the choice to employ the KYC partner within the network or continue with their existing procedures.
Credit Product (or Product)A credit product (or Product for short) serves as a blueprint outlining the fundamental operations and prerequisites of the offering. Unlike conventional financial products, it encompasses specific combinations of tenure and interest rates directly embedded within the product, rather than presenting them separately. The offer associated with the product will be dynamically generated by the Lender when requested.
Product Network / Product GroupA Product Network is a network established and overseen by the Loan Agent. This network comprises a group of companies collaborating to provide a product tailored for a distinct group of Borrowers (Users) who share a common attribute, such as a geographical location, platform, or other defining characteristic that forms a cohesive cohort.
Network Participation CriteriaA framework of guidelines established by the Loan Agent to foster constructive involvement within the network. This mechanism enables the Loan Agent to ensure compliance with predetermined engagement criteria. For instance, the Loan Agent might stipulate a minimum offer-to-application ratio or impose an upper limit on the permissible interest rate offered through the platform.
Application Filtering CriteriaThe set of criteria used to screen and select loan applications before they are forwarded to the lender. The responsibility of filtering applications that satisfy the lender's minimum prerequisites falls on the Loan Agent. For instance, if the Loan Agent establishes a loan-offer ratio of 90%, the lender's commitment would involve offering loans for 90% of the applications meeting the criteria. Certain attributes, such as existing bank customer status, might not be known to the Loan Agent, leading the lender to reject an application with an appropriate reason code.
OCEN RegistryThe OCEN Registry serves as a digital repository comprising two essential elements: Participants, Credit Products (referred to as Products), and the Product Network. This registry is designed to furnish suitable identifiers for each: Product (productId), Product Network (productNetworkId), and Participant (participantId). Notably, a single participant can undertake diverse roles, thus the registry will issue distinct Participant Ids and credentials for each role fulfilled by the participant. These aforementioned identifiers will be included within the OCEN specification, forming a part of every request and response.
Auth ServiceThe Auth service is employed to create a bearer token, which is subsequently included in each request along the OCEN Journey among participants. These participants can verify the authenticity of requests by utilizing the public key of the Auth service accessible at a designated endpoint.