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Previous Pilots


A first reference pilot was launched in May 2021 to validate the idea of cash-flow based lending in the GeM SAHAY pilot project. In this pilot, GeM (Government e-Marketplace) is the LA. The Lenders onboarded onto the pilot offered loans to SMEs on the GeM portal against government invoices. The pilot validated that short-tenure, small-ticket size loans enabled via the small OCEN network (lenders and one LA) works for all parties.


A second pilot that expanded on the above is the GST SAHAY pilot project, launched in Jan 2023. This pilot used GST data to enable working capital loans where SIDBI acted as the Loan Agent. An additional parameter for validation on this pilot was the inclusion of the Account Aggregator data for loan underwriting.

All pilots used OCEN API specifications for communication between the parties (Lenders and LAs). The latest version of the APIs, used in the GST SAHAY pilot is the OCEN 3.3 APIs specification.