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OCEN Registry and Product Network

OCEN 4.0 introduces two separate registries - Participant Registry for Participants, and Product Registry for Products, that are maintained via SROs. These registries are accessed via a shared UI portal and are also referred together as the OCEN Registry. All participants that serve a product do so as part of a Product Network.

These registries and the product network are part of the initial onboarding process onto OCEN 4.0.

Participant Onboarding

All participants are onboarded to OCEN 4.0 via the participant onboarding in the Participant Registry. A standard onboarding process is followed for all participants, and their verification is guaranteed by SROs to ensure that new members receive an equivalent level of trust within the network.

Participant Registry

Product and Product Network onboarding

Lender will create & manage the Product via the Product Registry and the Loan Agent will create & manage the Product Network to serve that product. All participants in OCEN 4.0 can browse the Products and Product Networks on the Product Registry and subscribe to serve a Product via the Product Networks.

Product Registry

Registry access

The OCEN registry will be accessed via a UI portal. The portal will enable registration, management and discoverability of products, participants and product networks.

The OCEN 4.0 specification include APIs to programatically fetch the details of a product or a participant. These APIs can be used by the participants as part of the Loan Journey.