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OCEN Components

The components of OCEN 4.0 are captured below. These include:

  1. OCEN Registry: OCEN Registry helps manage

    • Participant Registry: Manages all participants on OCEN
    • Product Registry: Manages all products on OCEN
    • Product Network & Network Policies: Manages the serving of the product via a network of participants via defined network policies
    • Authentication: Enables security on the platform by providing client credentials
  2. Heartbeat and Analytics service This service enables intrumentation across the loan journey and the requests for performance monitoring on the network and to drive business analytics.

  3. Credit Gurantees service: Verifies eligibility of a borrower for a credit gurantee with CGTMSE.

  4. OCEN 4.0 APIs API specification for the participants to communicate with each other and the OCEN components.

OCEN Components