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Loan Journey Stages

The steps in the lending jounery can be categorized into the following stages.

  • Stage 1: Auth APIs, is a generic collection of Auth APIs used for all requests by all participants on the platform.
  • Stage 2: Onboarding, is done via a UI portal and does not have APIs
  • Stages 3-5: Loan application prep to Offer selection to disbursement, happen in sequence and depict the core loan application processing steps and involve the LA and Lender.
  • Stage 6: Post-disbursement, varies for different products based on how collections are setup.
  • Stage 7: Partner APIs, is the colection of APIs used by Lenders with other participants outside of LA.
1Auth APIsAPIs for authentication needed by all participants for all APIs
2OnboardingPortal based onboarding of participants and products onto the registries
3Loan application prepAPIs that help prepare the loan application. Eg: Credit Guarantee APIs
4Application auction & offerAPIs for Loan Application to be processed by multiple lenders
5Offer selection to disbursementAPIs for offer selection, KYC, agreement, repayment and disbursement
6Post-disbursementAPIs for steps post-disbursement. Eg: Repayment, Loan Details, Collections
7Partner APIsAPIs involving partners (DDP, KYC, Collections, Disbursement partners)